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Clark Atlanta


Our Mission

During a long five hour drive to church between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday, November 5, 1989 the Rev. Nelson Copeland had an intense discussion with a personal friend about many of the social problems which have strangle-held many urban communities. Out of this discussion, led to the formation of the general philosophy that became the general inspiration and road map for what would become the Christian Education Coalition for African-American Leadership (CECAAL).


They wanted to help all youths but felt the need to begin in Philadelphia and Camden, NJ with youths of African-American and children of Spanish speaking descent. The discussion concluded that one solution which could help inspire economically disenfranchised youth and young adults to reach for higher personal goals, reject the negative aspects of their community, and choose to involve themselves heroically in the issues which face the black community is to promote higher education as an essential element to social health and life success.

Our Background and History

By saturating young people with college visitation, national travel, and cultural college role models, young people may become open to a higher educational and moral vision for themselves. Insomuch, that it was decided that a college tour is one way to bring all these ideas and thoughts together.


Five months later (April, 1990), Rev. Copeland organized his first college tour for the youth program he worked for at that time with nine students from the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Four more tours he did until formally organizing CECAAL on October 1, 1993. Today, CECAAL does college tours, college preparation and inspiration nationally and internationally.

In 2011, CECAAL formed the Education Coalition for Leadership (ECL) which is to focus on education and skills training for children, youth and adults. In addition, while CECAAL’s focus is cultural and faith-based with an emphasis on smaller more family oriented trips, ECL’s focus is multicultural, faith-neutral with an emphasis on larger bus trips.


CECAAL and ECL together have taken thousands of students on the road safely and has provided many with the follow-up which has lasted a lifetime.


CECAAL’s historic motto is “Leadership With and Impact.” ECL’s mission is to “cultivate fiat intellectuals who sanction their own permission to be brilliant, excellent and intelligent.” Together CECAAL and ECL meld their missions through this joint motto: “Leadership For A Global Impact While Cultivating Fiat Intelligence For Public Good.”



Sheila Tanthorey


Severn, MD


I just wanted to let you know that my son really enjoyed his time on the tour.  He came away with a lot of good information.  It impressed upon him how important a good education is and how he needs to set himself up for future success. I think he actually came back more mature than when he left for the trip.


Again, thank you for putting together such a fun, informative trip for these kids.  Chance only had good things to say about the tour, the chaperone's and how the trip was handled.

Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)


Marjorie Soto

Multicultural Recruitment Office


Absolutely a great visit. Would love to have CECAAL tours on campus.

Yes – Absolutely! The students were extraordinary, asked great questions, and were a pleasure to host.

Patricia Lawrence


Philadelphia, PA


Yes.  It was as expected, to meet with the admissions director and then have a student run campus tour......The food was good; we liked the different food stations and everyone was quite helpful.....Rev. Copeland was extremely informative.  I appreciate that he was very detail oriented.


This was our first college tour and it was a very pleasant experience for both my son and I. It appears that things run quite well.  I wouldn’t change anything. Rev. Copeland provided updated information almost on a daily basis and remained in constant contact. He was very thorough with instructions and directions. It couldn’t have been easier.




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